Medical Treatments



Extraction of teeth periodontal pathic (people with periodontal disease) or destroyed. In some cases you can save by using alternative therapies such as endodontics.

Extraction of residual root
Extraction of impacted teeth or roots or seeds included, for example: wisdom teeth that have failed to erupt


Extraction of teeth: in cases of “crowding”, sometimes it happens that a patient presents with an arch too small to “contain” all of their teeth. In these cases it is especially forced to pull out of healthy teeth (normally two premolars)

Apicectomy: removal of the apex of the tooth root for inflammatory problems, if not curable with the endodontic

Removal of cysts usually occur because of roots or impacted teeth.

Removal of neoplasms of the oral cavity

Scappucciamento impacted teeth: this process allows you to bring a tooth was included in his seat, during orthodontic treatment.

Small maxillary sinus: sometimes in order to proceed in an implant surgery is necessary to increase the amount of bone tissue at the level of the maxillary sinuses. It is usually grafted biocompatible material
Large maxillary sinus:
in this type of surgery, similar to the previous one, is used when the amount of bone present is very poor, and in cases where it is not sufficient a small maxillary sinus

Frenulectomy consists in the frenula median and lingual, in case these will negatively affect the daily life of the patient


Osteoplasty: surgical remodeling of the bone, usually required before delivery of a prosthesis

Implantology: use of titanium implants to replace lost teeth. Thanks to implant you can solve the lack of a single tooth, several teeth or an entire arch.